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Organisations often don’t know where their Microsoft Teams chats, channels and files are stored or have difficulty storing or archiving these assets in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner, in the on-premise or cloud solution of their choice. However, with inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA), you can always ensure legally compliant and secure storage and management of your Microsoft Teams communications.


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Solution: Microsoft Teams Archiving


Many companies use Microsoft Teams for internal or external projects, simple chat conversations or departments set up teams and channels for their employees. TOA provides a secure archive for all conversations and shared documents. If some documents are accidentally or intentionally deleted, they can always be found again in the archive.

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We form the journal to Microsoft 365 – a legally secure record of your Microsoft Teams content. In this case, inPoint TOA acts as a collector and caches your Teams data. The journal archives the collaboration content immediately and also stores the content of previously deleted messages.

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The data collected by Teams is exported at regular intervals to a selected target archive. This can be one of the existing online publishers, which are intended for simple export, or a long-term archive defined by you.

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Product Highlights

Cloud-native application

A serverless Azure solution born and developed in Azure, based on cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, which therefore integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

High flexibility

Flexible resource allocation and cost management with simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, plus a central admin portal to manage all teams archives provides.


Export of teams data to a CRM/ECM/DMS system of choice, as well as filing and archiving in digital CRM/ERP/DMS files, for audit-proof lanhzeit archiving.

Microsoft Teams Archiving: How it works

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Use Cases

Journal archiving of all communication

Capture and archive all internal and external communication & files.

Compliance with the archiving obligation with inPoint or other DMS systems.

Create sense and order in MS Teams

Export and archive completed projects or the entire chat of a specific user.

Free your Teams from obsolete data, which, due to regulations, can now be stored at a low cost with TOA.

Connect MS Teams communication with customer data

Capture and connect customer-related communication with your CRM/ECM/DMS system.

Use eDiscovery features to search, and manage Teams data.


Basic Features


All your Microsoft Teams content (individual, group and channel communication as well as files and content) is archived accordingly.


You decide when and where to export – local file store, SharePoint Online, Azure File Share, inPoint, Open Data Protocol, Custom REST API, database. From one-off export to continuous data synchronisation.


You have full control over where your Microsoft Teams data is exported to: Local File Store, SharePoint Online, Azure File Share, inPoint, Open Data Protocol, Custom REST API, Database.

ECM / DMS Sync.

Regular transfer and storage of Microsoft Teams messages in your ECM/DMS system.

Central Admin area

Data areas worth archiving, from individual area selection to global archiving, are managed centrally.

Retention Guidelines

Retention policies allow organisations to regulate how long certain Microsoft Teams data must be retained.

Advanced Features with inPoint DMS

Enterprise Search

A user-friendly, systematic and comprehensive search for all your teams’ content.

Compliance Archive

Maintain information and store user data for future searches in the compliance archive.

E-discovery features

eDiscovery features allow you to search, create and manage data in a user-friendly web interface within your organisation.


inPoint TOA – Teams Online Archiving in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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Archiving vs. Backup 

Archiving is usually used for long-term storage and retention in accordance with legal requirements, while a backup is used for short-term storage and recovery.

To ensure optimal data protection, both archiving and backup are needed. Especially since archiving solutions offer better features for archiving data – e.g. metadata search and e-discovery – than backup software.

Nevertheless, backup and archiving have one thing in common: they support primary data storage.

With inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA), you get an archiving solution that you can combine with all common backup solutions.

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