Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management

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ECM includes the technologies, tools and methods for capturing, managing, storing, preserving and delivering electronic content throughout your company. 

H&S supports ECM strategies in a variety of ways. The inPoint software family combines capturing, electronic archiving, document management, eFiles, collaboration, and business process management in a unified and easy-to-use inPoint enterprise content management platform.

Overview Enterprise Content Management


Audit-proof and legally compliant archiving, server relief, data lifecycle management.

Digital files

Digital file solutions for many disciplines such as: contracts, human resources, accounting, projects and many more.

Document management

Manage, edit, and share documents with inPoint. Easier than ever before.

Email management

Automatically unlock, categorize, and sort digital files and forward them to the responsible employees for processing.

Digital processes

Complete tasks on time and with little error. With digital workflows from simple to complex and ad hoc tasks.


Bi-directional data and document exchange between CRM/ERP and ECM, partly via certified interfaces.

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Each business activity starts with a document and additional documents are added until the business case is closed. Documents and data are generated throughout the process by different people with different systems.

The logical and consistent merging of all information from different sources, to clear digital files, are essential for error-free and fast case handling.

This goal can be achieved with Enterprise Content Management (ECM). A strategy and management concept that incorporates all information technologies into an overall concept in order to organize the collection, merging, exchange of information and documents. ECM is the basis for the digitization of processes.

ECM Functionality

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Welcome to H&S, my name is Martin Leitner.
I would be delighted to assist you with my know-how on our ECM solutions. Should you have any questions or simply wish to exchange information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.
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