Process Optimisation


Optimising business processes improves the quality of day-to-day business and saves costs on top of that. Tasks are routed from workstation to workstation along a defined processing path with all the information and documents required for assessment. Users can interrupt and continue the path for queries (AdHoc). Persons involved in the processing have an overview of the current processing status of all tasks.

Workflow Management

Workflow management

Overview workflow components

process design

The designer environment of the BPM Suite is used to map technical process models. Processes are captured in the form of graphical flowcharts. Intuitive input assistants support the definition of data exchange with existing systems and the integration of employees into the processes. The dialogue pages are created without programming effort and with graphic support in the Process Designer. Depending on the application and user interface requirements, the dialogue pages can be implemented in RIA (Rich Internet Application) or in modern HTML pages (JSF – Java Server Faces).


Created dialogue pages or parts of processes are not only used in a single application. The Designer offers broad support here. All created components can be reused and additional programming effort can thus be avoided. Using the proven Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach, data management, process control and visualisation can be consistently separated. This means that the applications created are not only reusable, but always remain release-capable.

process simulation

Already during the design phase, the created process applications can be executed, simulated and tested at any time at the push of a button. To put the process applications into operation, they are simply transferred to the workflow engine, where they are interpreted and executed at runtime.

workflow management

Complete tasks on time and without errors! Workflow management includes all tasks that have to be fulfilled during modelling, specification, simulation as well as execution and control of workflows. The intuitive workflow designer leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to clear swimming lanes, processes and sub-processes can be quickly adapted to changed situations, even months or years later. Simulation during creation protects against unpleasant surprises and ensures high user acceptance.

System integrations

System landscapes are usually very heterogeneous because they have grown historically. Redundant data storage and maintenance-intensive interfaces are not the exception, but the rule. This is why the BPM Suite has the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) component. It makes the process-oriented connection of applications across company and technology boundaries child’s play. All common integration standards and over 60 connectors are supported as standard.

Business Activity Monitoring

The core tasks of process controlling are to evaluate, monitor and document ongoing operational processes. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) enables continuous process controlling in real time. All activities are recorded in a process-oriented manner. In addition to the analysis of content data, analytics provides support to always keep an overview of all running processes and to identify bottlenecks and weak points at an early stage. This makes it possible to prepare business decisions and optimise business processes.



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The integrated workflow management in the Process Designer ensures the correct execution of workflows. This includes the management of roles, tasks, authorisations, rules, documents, data, processing deadlines and escalations.

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