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With inPoint Exchange Email Archiving (CSE), you get a powerful email archive platform for Exchange Server from version 2013 onwards. Through the transparent integration in MS Outlook and MS Outlook Web Access (OWA/WebApp) using the proven shortcut technology, we efficiently relieve your Exchange Server.

Solution: Content Server for Microsoft Exchange (CSE)


The aim of inPoint CSE e-mail archiving is to reduce the load on the MS Exchange server by transferring emails that are no longer required to archive media and to comply with legally binding retention periods. After archiving, the storage requirement in the Exchange Store is reduced by up to 80%. Backup times are reduced by up to 50% and restoring lost e-mails during operation is only a matter of seconds.

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Business processes are increasingly handled via email communication. Email documents must therefore be archived in accordance with the principles of commercial and tax law. With inPoint, emails can be locked with deletion protection (retention time) and stored on audit-proof storage media. Even if users accidentally delete emails, they remain in the archive until they reach their intended lifetime.

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easy to use

Users often only realise that the e-mail has been archived when the e-mail icon in MS Outlook has changed, and the memory requirement shrinks from MB size to a few bytes.
The familiar double-click on the archived e-mail is all that is needed and it is available for editing.

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Easy and versatile

Because administrators rarely make changes to the email archive settings, an easy-to-understand user interface is particularly important. The ergonomic design in MS Office look particularly fulfills this requirement. Creating and maintaining complex email archiving jobs is easy even for administrators with little experience. The administrator selects the mailboxes and/or mailbox groups to be archived from the Active Directory integrated inPoint.

PST import & PST archiving

User-created PST files are not the ideal storage location for email for a number of reasons. PST archives are out of corporate control, can become corrupt and in the worst case can be lost. Optionally, a PST import tool is available to transfer PST files including the folder structure into the archive. If users subsequently need to access all emails again in their familiar Outlook environment, shortcuts/shortcuts can be created.

Archiving rules

Archiving rules based on

  • when they reach a certain age
  • exceed a certain size
  • or are assigned to a certain message class

are created in the Outlook archive folder. This way, emails manually moved there by the user can be archived at certain times.

Email Compliance & GoBD

inPoint supports your compliance policy with audit-proof storage systems from renowned manufacturers that prevent the modification and deletion of e-mails and attachments during the legally required retention period. H&S solutions are a secure basis for the successful certification of your organization by accredited auditors.


With the lifecycle management function, retention categories can be set for individual messages, mailboxes or distribution groups. E-mails are then moved to inexpensive long-term storage media at the specified time and can also be deleted after the retention period has expired.

SIS Single Instance Store

With the inPoint Single Instance Storage (SIS) method, duplicates of documents going to multiple users are automatically removed. The result is more free storage space and higher stability of the Microsoft Exchange Server, as unnecessary data traffic is avoided.


More innovative solutions

Teams Data archiving

inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) provides you with a legally compliant overview, storage and management of your Microsoft Teams data in a central storage location of your choice - private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

SAP Data archiving

With the SAP certified archive solution inPoint Content Server for SAP (CSS), legacy data and documents are archived in the background.
Outsourced data and documents can be accessed and displayed directly with and in the SAP business solution.

Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

Make your Microsoft 365 applications more productive and effective with our innovative inPoint M365 Add-Ons. This way, Microsoft users can digitally store, manage, edit and deliver business processes and documents faster and easier than ever before.

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