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With our inPoint archiving solutions, we have created the software for your legally compliant long-term archiving, with which you can outsource legacy data and documents from the productive server to inexpensive storage media. Archiving frees up storage space on the production server and backup tasks are completed more quickly. Depending on the application, users can access archived data and documents directly from their familiar app.

Overview Archiving

Exchange email archiving

Use inPoint Content Server Exchange (CSE) to move emails and attachments to archive media according to different sets of rules. Nothing changes for the user. The familiar double-click in MS Outlook is all that is needed and the archived email is available.

Domino email archiving

With inPoint Content Server Archiving for IBM Domino (CSD) you relieve your email server. Multiple sets of rules are easy to create.
Users use the familiar IBM Notes client to work with archived emails.

SAP archiving

With our SAP certified archiving solution inPoint Content Server for SAP (CSS), legacy data and documents are archived in the background.
Outsourced data and documents can be accessed and displayed directly with and in the SAP business solution.

File Server archiving

With inPoint Content Server Archiving for File Servers (CSF), a cluttered data landfill becomes a fast and lean file server.
Up to 80% more storage space at the source server is possible.

Archive server

Are you a software manufacturer and would like to install an OEM high-performance archive in your own solution and distribute it worldwide? Or do you want to bind your organisation to a universal archive for the existing ERP/CRM system? Then inPoint Vault Archive Server is the right choice for you!

Microsoft Teams archiving

Our inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) provides you with a legally compliant overview, storage and management of your Microsoft Teams data in a central storage location of your choice – private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

Compliant Archiving: Process

compliant archiving -- process

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