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inPoint Vault if you are looking for a high performance OEM data and document management archive for your applications. The inPoint Vault has been continuously developed for 30 years and can be easily connected to existing systems via standard interfaces. Save development costs and use inPoint Vault as a black box.

Solution: Archive server vault


In all software products from H&S, the heart of the inPoint Vault beats. This archiving core has been continuously
for over 30 years in order to provide you with a solution for the long-term archiving of your valuable information. In addition, the inPoint Vault is also available as an OEM archive version for software manufacturers and IT departments with software development. By means of a standardised interface, almost all software solutions can be connected to the inPoint Vault.

inPoint Archiv Server


The integrated SI (single instance) technology avoids archive duplicates. This saves storage space in the archive and also ensures more consistency. Of course, the respective application (option) also includes an encryption module to protect documents from unauthorised access.

inPoint Archiv Server

Storage systems

The archive server supports all standard storage systems. In addition to simple archiving, inPoint Vault offers the option of multiple parallel archiving on storage systems that work independently of each other. This variant ensures the high availability of your business-critical documents.

inPoint Archiv Server



We guarantee full data security:

  • Connection to network technologies: SAN, NAS, CIFS
  • AES 256 bit with random salt per file (can be set differently for each location)
  • Compression gzip
  • Support of all common storage systems


Retention periods and lifecycles can be defined through the integrated management interface. Synchronous/asynchronous archiving to different storage media with migration jobs and delete functionality.


Über Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien können Sie ihre Daten organisieren, indem sie Elemente nach eigenen Vorstellungen archivieren oder löschen.
Wir bieten eine zertifizierte Ablage mit definierten Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien nach IDW PS 880.


Interfaces and other features:

  • Standardized web service interface
  • OS: MS Windows Server
  • Archive database: MS-SQL/ Oracle
  • Single Instance Technology (SIT) MD5


No hassle when changing hardware – the integrated migration procedure takes care of transferring the data from system old to system new in a controlled and secure manner.


The lifecycle manager integrated in the application moves archived files to inexpensive storage media, creates copies or deletes documents after the defined retention period has expired. the defined retention period.

inPoint Vault

inPoint Vault Archive Server

More innovative Solutions

Exchange email archiving

Use inPoint Content Server Exchange (CSE) to move emails and attachments to archive media according to different sets of rules. Nothing changes for the user. The familiar double-click in MS Outlook is all that is needed and the archived email is available.

SAP Data archiving

With the SAP certified archive solution inPoint Content Server for SAP (CSS), legacy data and documents are archived in the background.
Outsourced data and documents can be accessed and displayed directly with and in the SAP business solution.

Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

Make your Microsoft 365 applications more productive and effective with our innovative inPoint M365 Add-Ons. This way, Microsoft users can digitally store, manage, edit and deliver business processes and documents faster and easier than ever before.

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