Welcome to the H&S Europe client support portal ! 

Here you can report system errors, which we will process immediately. In addition, you can send us your requests for system extensions.

In the event of a total system standstill, please call us on: +43 1 21555 144

Tel. Hotline Austria: +43 1 21555 144 | Tel. Hotline Germany & Switzerland: +49 9122 87227 144


The more precise your error description is, the faster we can help you. Therefore, please send us via this page if possible:

  • Screenshot of the error message.
  • Details of the error message (click on the [Detail] button and copy the text).
  • How long has the problem existed?
  • On how many workstations does the problem occur?
  • What steps are necessary to reproduce the error?
  • If the error occurs on a specific client, which software is installed on this client (OS, Office, IE)?