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H&S Information Architects
With close technology partners, "H&S Information Architects" today positions itself in the Central European region as a visionary and competent partner for companies and organisations that want to design document-driven business processes rationally, securely and economically.
Martin Leitner as CEO leads the H&S Group
In 2015, Martin Leitner, a technician with business skills, took over the management of the H&S Group. As an expert in the DMS sector from the very beginning, he is in charge of the new development of the DMS solution PAM-STORAGE, which is now being successfully marketed in the DACH region at the new location in Vienna under the brand name "inPoint".
Michael Flegel Managing Director of H&S EUROPE
Micheal Flegel managed the business under the brand H&S EUROPE from 2009-2015. The company's founders and owners Ralph Heilig and Thomas Schubert withdrew from active day-to-day business and transferred the entire management across all locations to their long-time partner, Michael Flegel, at the Schwabach location. Michael Flegel built up the positioning of H&S massively.
Breakthrough into the global market
Ralph Heilig had the idea in 2002/2003 and began to develop software for email archiving. A good instinct, as it turned out. The development was financed with the proceeds from the sale of the document management solution PAM-STORAGE. Rapid successes from New Zealand to the USA and international awards led to the email archiving software exchange@PAM being ranked among the 5 best software solutions worldwide.
H&S acquires PLANTEAM
In the course of a project, Ralph Heilig met Michael Flegel, owner of PLANTEAM in Nuremberg. Ralph Heilig bought PLANTEAM for the market entry into Germany, the co-owner Michael Flegel remained managing director and expanded the location in Germany under the name H&S Heilig und Schubert InformationsManagement GmbH.
Typical inventor's fate
When PAM-STORAGE was first presented to the public at the Vienna IT and office trade fair IFABO in 1992, the two brainworkers realised that other companies were pursuing a similar idea. Unimpressed by this, the production of PAM-STORAGE was pushed ahead, now with the support of the Austrian Research Promotion Fund. In 1996, the company moved to Stättermayergasse in Vienna's 15th district and changed its name to Heilig & Schubert GmbH & Co KG.
the beginning was tough
It soon became clear that the software could not be developed in a realistic amount of time while studying. So, without further ado, Heilig und Schubert OHG was founded in 1989. Without funds, but with all the more enthusiasm, they worked on the development of PAM-STORAGE. The ambitious project was financed with the proceeds from hardware and network business. With a secretary in the back office, the success story began in Vienna's 5th district, Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 4-6.
How it all began
They have known each other since early childhood - Ralph Heilig and Thomas Schubert: a friendship that began in the famous sandpit and from which the Vienna-based software company developed. At some point during their studies, the two Salzburgers came up with the idea of developing software for PCs to electronically archive scanned documents.
Back then

Company philosophy

For us, people are the centre of attention.

As a medium-sized company, we place great value on trust and appreciation among customers, partners and employees. Digitalisation is changing everything and that is exactly why personal customer contact is so important to us. In the ECM sector, we have made a conscious decision to offer our solutions mainly in the D.A.CH region in order to be as close as possible to our customers and partners. Because we understand our customers’ needs, we can offer the highest level of service.

We give people modern software solutions to make everyday office life easier again. The way people think and work is therefore always at the centre of our product design.

Through our values, we create solidarity and steer towards a successful, joint future.

Our H&S Team

Martin Leitner


In my work as a Managing Director, I am thrilled by the cross-sectoral exchange with our customers and the insights into the processes in a wide range of companies.
Through travelling, I meet people and nations, partners, customers, leads – from the taxi driver to the person sitting next to me on the train, and I hear their stories. The countless conversations enable me to make an active contribution to intercultural understandings.
It fills me with pride when customers report how countless of their employees use H&S software on a daily basis, and how we thereby offer location-independent and professional support and added-value.

+43 (1) 21555 -130

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Leon Segal

Head of Development

I am passionate about change and new technologies! In my role as CTO, it helps me to always look for new opportunities to offer our customers the best possible solution. Every requirement offers me a new opportunity. Finding the right way and looking beyond the edge of the screen motivates me anew every time – so bring it on!

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Rainer Machner

Sales Manager Germany and Switzerland

It always excites me to stay in touch with interesting and different people. Everyone has their own individual story. These impulses help me as a leader to better understand my team. Ultimately, the satisfaction and well-being of my team is my top priority.

+49 9122 87227-332

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Helmut Pritz

Sales Manager Austria

How can we develop the best solution together in order to improve the work process precisely and individually? I am interested in raising potentials and thus creating real added value for the employees, in the sense of making everyday work easier.

+43 (1) 21555 -132

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Stephan Gehling

Head of Business Communication Solutions

It gives me great pleasure to explore new technologies and paths with partners and customers and to establish them successfully. With over 25 years of IT and project experience, I am a specialist in the field of archiving solutions and Microsoft 365 cloud products.

+49 9122 87227-352

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Anika Gladis


Wrapping the feeling of trust and security in a brand is an art. An art that I want to use with the help of innovative marketing solutions to inspire our customers and prospects.

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Andreas Gabrigel

Head of Professional Services

It is very important to me to support our customers in their challenges in the area of digitalisation and to simplify work processes. So every day holds new, surprising and challenging tasks and events for me and my team.

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