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It is not only our goal to speed up your daily business, but also to establish legal certainty in your IT.

Office software for documents & processes

We find that everyday office life is becoming more and more complicated despite technology. That’s why we set our minds on developing compliant software solutions to make everyday office life simple and safe again.

Using what is already there, improving it and creating something completely new out of it. That’s what drives us, that’s what we enjoy and the result makes your everyday office life simple again.

Martin Leitner
CEO H&S Information Architects


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H&S has been creating unique information platforms for well-known customers for 30 years. Our customers see us as information architects. In addition to state-of-the-art technologies, we rely on the passion and drive of our long-standing employees. Just office software for documents.


A number, a contact person, a solution – our hotline is available 24 hours a day. Well over 450 international and national loyal customers rely on this.

innovative advantage

In addition to the classic product competition, data competition is continuously gaining importance. Your competitive advantage is an incentive for H&S to continuously improve the structure and security of your data


Customers of all sizes and industries benefit from our global focus. Our solutions are available worldwide.


Office software for documents from H&S are designed for synergy. Your company’s existing IT architecture serves as the basic structure into which various H&S modules are custom-fitted.


Our office software for documents makes your business faster, safer and more profitable – and at the same time integrates exactly into your preferred application programs and user interfaces.

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