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inPoint Content Server for SAP® (CSS) is a certified document management and archiving system for SAP® business applications and is just as suitable for medium-sized companies as for internationally active groups. The archiving solution for SAP archiving can be expanded step by step from simple archiving for system relief, to a complex Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).

Solution: Content Server for SAP® (CSS)


The basic module of document management for SAP, namely the inPoint Content Server for SAP, forms the basis for the gradual expansion to the enterprise version and supports all SAP archiving scenarios such as: Early capture, simultaneous capture, late capture without barcode, late capture with barcode up to the support of the SAP business workflow.

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In addition to document management for SAP. With the Enterprise extension, the archive is extended by additional fields within the scope of a project in order to be able to include documents from other sources such as MS Office documents, e-mails, etc. in the digital file. In doing so, information can be read from the SAP data stock and used for indexing. In this way, documents from the SAP world and third-party systems can be kept and retrieved in a common repository.

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In addition to displaying documents in the SAP Client, documents can also be used with the inPoint SAP Enterprise Client. Depending on the authorisation, this allows documents to be found and displayed outside the SAP world. The document search is carried out via forms or full text.

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Despite a high level of automation in offices, much of the information is still typed by hand from a paper-based receipt. A costly as well as error-prone method.

Together with strategic partners, we implement fully automated document processing for SAP business solutions. In this process optimization, the scanner captures the document and converts it into a format that can be processed by machines. The document information obtained in this way can be transferred to the SAP system (e.g. FI) together with the document image. This process, backed up by various checking procedures, can drastically reduce the amount of processing required.


Despite the expected benefits, the introduction of SAP Workflow often fails due to the associated costs. This is because every employee who is to be integrated into the SAP workflow must also have an SAP workstation.

The re-licensing of SAP workstations for the purpose of integrating employees into simple workflow tasks and the associated training costs, mean that many ambitious project disappears into a drawer. The workflow module in inPoint CSS is an economical solution variant. The attraction of the H&S workflow solution is the interaction between the SAP and the document management world.

Use everywhere with inPoint

We find that everyday office life has become
has become more and more complicated. That bothers us and we want to change that. That is why we have
software solutions that make everyday office life simple again. inPoint CSS is your new back office assistant.
BackOffice Assistant where documents are created and used:

▪ inPoint Outlook App
▪ inPoint Office App
▪ inPoint Explorer App
▪ inPoint Desk App



Document management for SAP. Documents stored with inPoint are called up directly in the SAP specialist application and displayed in the SAP Viewer.

EPO Connector Add-on

The EPO Connector is a connector integrated in ABAP® for the SAP Business Suite and for SAP S/4HANA®.

Modern SAP interfaces to third-party systems and cloud solutions without the use of middleware enable significant cost savings.

API functions for each SAP system

  • Robust, stable APIs and interfaces
  • Fast, flexible and secure integrations
  • Integrated, comprehensive monitoring
  • Minimal effort for SAP updates
    and SAP S/4HANA implementations
  • Shortened implementation and test duration

Features at a glance

  • Integrated monitoring
  • Support of all data formats
  • Secured delivery
  • Fast implementation in ABAP

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