System Integrations


inPoint has countless interfaces for connecting other systems so that your system can work smoothly within your existing IT landscape. We offer solutions that are tailored to your business requirements and processes and ensure that the system works seamlessly with your existing systems.

System Integrations

CRM Systems

Customer relationship management plays a central role today – when it comes to getting a complete picture of your customers, enabling customer-centric processes, improving response times or enhancing your employees’ ability to provide information. Use an innovative working environment for your customer relations and integrate all relevant documents and information directly into your system interface.

Supported systems: Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SAP CRM, HubSpot, u.a.

System Integrations

ERP Systems

ERP software solutions bring countless benefits to businesses of all kinds. However, the full potential of such systems can only be realised by integrating other software solutions. An ERP software solution usually consists of various modules that cover specific task areas of the company. An ERP system is a tool made up of different software systems that map all processes. We show you the most important connections.

Supported systems: SAP, DATEV, BMD, IGEL, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Business Central, NAVISION / NAV 16, PENTA ERP, Infor ERP, SynerGIS, Casymir, BDS, u.a.

System Integrations

Industry Softwares

Today’s customers face an accelerating pace of business driven by product portfolio expansion, increasing process complexity, rapidly changing customer requirements and the need for greater operational efficiency. The result is a constant need to integrate data across multiple enterprise systems and software applications.

Supported systems: INVARIS,, u.a.

System Integrations


Automated document transfer

All documents that you generate in leading applications can be automatically filed in the DMS without manual intervention or by drag & drop. All documents are automatically assigned to the corresponding file or procedure. Individual documents or entire procedures can be retrieved simply by pressing a button.

Optimise business processes

Business processes take place throughout the entire company. inPoint ensures that this happens without media breaks. Workflow systems ensure a continuous flow of information and data exchange with third-party systems and display continuous processes. With the modern inPoint web interface, processes can also be automated without user interaction.

API Interface

A direct connection of other programmes to your inPoint DMS programming interface is possible. This API (Application Programming Interface) is aimed specifically at developers and enables the connection of any third-party systems, such as merchandise management systems, industry solutions or other products.

System Integrations

Balancing act between the systems

Production planning or merchandise management systems coexist in many companies. System failures are then often associated with risks, because they jeopardise effective work. Special solutions can often be difficult to coordinate. Sooner or later, this balancing act will put an additional financial burden on the company. You can prevent this if an integrated system is comprehensively introduced and used instead of many isolated solutions.

Innovative system integrations

Although your employees mainly work in the core system of a company or a specialist department, information from other systems is unavoidable. Through system integration with inPoint, your employees can view all relevant information directly in their main application. This helps to increase work efficiency and avoids the tedious switching between different systems.

Endless possibilities

inPoint DMS can process all types of documents, including CRM reports, ERP documents, emails, scanned documents and office documents. The system can process and store all this information automatically and has many configurable functionalities and tools. We can help you configure the system according to your own processes and develop the applications flexibly.

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