Document Management
Multi Client Strategy

An efficient document management multi client strategy is required for efficient handling of documents and data.
A wide range of services is available for the enterprise content management solution inPoint.

Not at home and yet at home

The inPoint.Web Client provides quick access to your electronic files. Using a standard browser, the application also allows authorized employees to access central documents from mobile devices – with single sign-in and without the hassle of client installation. By using the trendy inPoint Web interface, you can access digital files as if they were in your office. Document Management Multi Client Strategy at its Best.

Desktop Client for Familiar Working in the Office Look

In the Ribbon you will find functions to create and manage digital files, add documents and edit them with versioning. Share file contents with colleagues, manage resubmissions, manage search queries, administrate inPoint, and more.

Save as …

Through the plug-in inPoint.Office displays an additional “IP Drop” icon in the menu bar, giving access to a special drop window. In this, the individual folders of the archive system can be accessed through a tree structure

The electronic file if Outlook is your favorite application

inPoint vaulting is deeply integrated into the Microsoft Office world. Therefore, inPoint can be used in parallel as an MS-Outlook Add in addition to the classic standalone client. A good idea, given that majority of the day-to-day business is organized via e-mail and therefore allowing the complete file to be at hand

Flexible multi-talent meets efficient organization

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 allow you to include apps. We use this opportunity to stop the data chaos. With our inPoint DMS solution, we create the framework for accessing fixed OnPremise file structures within Microsoft Teams. This eliminates the need to store in the cloud.

Everything stays better with inPoint

The inPoint.Connect clients operate ERP systems such as SAP, DYNAMICS, BMD, etc. to display documents directly in the usual software solution. At the same time, documents can also be researched and viewed with other inPoint clients. Document Management Multi Client Strategy at its best.


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