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When it comes to information and data sharing, Microsoft Teams acts as a central hub.

As such, it is important that the data and files that are processed within Microsoft Teams are kept and managed in a legally compliant and secure manner.

This is precisely what inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) offers — audit-proof and long-term archiving for the content of your Microsoft Teams chats and channels.


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Produkt Highlights

Cloud-native Anwendung

A serverless Azure solution born and developed in Azure, based on cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, which therefore integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

High flexibility

Flexible resource allocation and cost management with simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, plus a central admin portal to manage all teams archives provides.


Export of teams data to a CRM/ECM/DMS system of choice, as well as filing and archiving in digital CRM/ERP/DMS files, for audit-proof lanhzeit archiving.

Microsoft Teams Archiving: Functionality

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Journal Archiving of your Communication


Archiving Chats & Channels

Audit-proof archiving pursues the goal of storing data and files in a traceable, retrievable, unchangeable and tamper-proof manner.

The requirements for an audit-proof long-term archive and audit-proof file management are regulated in the GoBD and GeBüV regulations.

Of course, all of this also applies to the data and files of your Microsoft Teams environment.

With inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) you can export your Microsoft Teams data and files to your existing document management system (DMS) and manage them via a central dashboard.

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Exporting Chats & Channels

inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) also provides you with “subscriptions” that enable you to define which chats and channels from your Microsoft Teams environment should be stored or archived.

Moreover, publishers enable you to export content from chats and channels to a location of your choice — just with a few clicks.

The following export options are available:

  • Azure File Share
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
TOA Publishers

Data & File Recovery

An increasing number of organisations are requesting a solution that enables them to recover deleted data and files within Microsoft Teams.

With inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) we aim to provide a data and file recovery solution as soon as possible.

If you would like to explore our solution today, please contact us here!

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Data Protection & GDPR

Microsoft Teams does not only store messages (incl. links, data and files), but also a lot of metadata and personal information.

If you prefer to store your Microsoft Teams messages (incl. links, data and files) on-premises or in your private cloud environment, inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA) enables you to do so.

Archiving vs. Backup

Archiving solutions are typically used for long-term storage and retention in accordance with regulatory requirements, while backup solutions are used for short-term storage and recovery.

To ensure an optimal data protection, both archiving and backup solutions are needed.

With inPoint Teams Online Archiving (TOA), you get an archiving solution that you can combine with all common backup solutions.


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