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Many companies ask themselves whether they should use a cloud or on premise solution. We explain the differences and have just the right solution for you.

Cloud vs. on premise


On-premise software is operated in the company’s own network. Documents therefore never leave the system boundaries.

The operation of the software is in the full control of the customer and is administered internally. This offers flexibility and your own personalisation options and you retain 100% control in terms of access, backup, load distribution, etc.

H&S Cloud

You receive your own virtual inPoint server which is managed by H&S and can be flexibly adapted to your needs at any time.

The virtualisation platform is operated by our partner NCE Computer GmbH, Fürth for you at Hetzner in the Data Centre Park Nuremberg in compliance with the GDPR. The Hetzner data centre is certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001.

On Premise Solution

Local solutions are the opposite of cloud. The local software is installed and run on the company’s own network. Companies with high data protection requirements often need to manage their data and processes internally. With internal deployment, your data is not on an externally hosted server, but is managed internally. You have purchased a license for perpetual use software. For business owners, who want to use this type of software, having complete control over the system is a great advantage.

Cloud Solution

With the inPoint Private as a Service Hosting solution (PaaS), you have your own virtual inPoint server exclusively at your disposal. The virtualization platform is operated at Hetzner’s data center in Nuremberg in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). The data center is certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001.

The inPoint Server is provided on the basis of Windows Server 2019 with a public IP address and is accessible as In addition, the inPoint Server is connected to the customer’s internal network (AD) via Windows Firewall Filter.

The inPoint Private as a Service hosting solution (PaaS) thus represents an ideal cloud solution for document management and offers customers the possibility to book and use IT resources and applications on demand via the Internet. Among other things, various specialist applications can be booked and set up on this inPoint server. The functions offered by the individual BCS Solutions are listed in the service description.

The inPoint Private as a Service hosting solution (PaaS) already includes some basic functions that are available to the customer, irrespective of further bookings.

H&S Cloud Features

inPoint Cloud fetures

inPoint Web

The start page of your inPoint PaaS hosting solution.

The inPoint Web Client provides you with a number of functions for editing your documents.

inPoint identity

This is used to authenticate users.

Integration of the inPoint PaaS Hosting solution with identity systems such as your AD or, for example, 2-factor authentication.

inPoint Hybrid Store Archiv

For legally compliant long-term archiving of business documents.

inPoint search

Full text search for users.


Flawless integration into your application.

You can integrate content from the inPoint PaaS hosting solution into your applications via parameterised calls. For example, you can display a document via HTTPS in an iFrame in your application.

Content Rights

You grant us a simple right of use limited in time and place to the purposes of cloud operation for all content imported or created by you or your employees in the inPoint PaaS Hosting solution.

All exploitation rights, rights of modification, etc. remain with you, of course, if you hold them.

Two factor authentication

We take technical measures to ensure that a further authentication method (authentication app) can be used for logging into the inPoint Cloud Platform in addition to the user name and password.

Hotfixes and upgrades

Once or twice a year, the latest inPoint version is installed in the inPoint PaaS hosting solution.

In the event of an error, the systems are brought back online with the previous inPoint version so that no longer downtimes occur.

Data center

The inPoint PaaS Hosting solution is operated by us for you at Hetzner in the Datacenter Park Nuremberg. Our partner’s data centre is certified in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 guidelines, among others.
Your contents of the inPoint BCS PaaS Hosting solution are always stored in Germany.

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